Chris Eaton

Before I began my career as a Medicare agent, I served my community and my country in the military. Though it’s been eight years since I left, I will never forget those experiences.

After graduating from Venice High School, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I signed up along with hundreds of infantrymen and trained alongside them. A select few of us were hand-picked to serve at Marine Barracks in Washington D.C. I was honored to have the duty of marching behind the casket of fallen Marines. We laid to rest active duty, retired, and reserve Marines. The unit I was attached to had the 21-gun salute firing party, an honor guard with our nation’s colors, body bearers to carry the casket, and ceremonial marchers for tribute.

Serving in The Corps and at Marine Barracks, Washington taught me a lot of things. Back then, I didn’t realize those experiences were molding me in what I do today as a Medicare agent and resource for my clients.

Six years ago, I started helping Medicare enrollees. I still follow the same principles in my work today that I learned as a marine: honor, courage, and commitment; the three core values of the United States Marine Corps. 

Honor:  Always do what is right for the client. I care about my clients getting the coverage they need, not the policy that’s easiest to write.

Courage:  In our industry, some conversations are tough. My #1 priority is to take care of my clients.

Commitment:  I was born and raised in Venice. This is my home and I’m here for the long-run. I specialize in Medicare options and would love to help with your Medicare enrollment.

LCpl Chris Eaton

Arms Crossed